Online Trading in Shares, Debentures, Bonds-NSE & BSE
We provide online facility to trade in various segments like Shares, Debentures, Bonds etc through our web-based application. Clients can access the application from any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser. Powered with all required features, the browser based trading enables you to trade securely from anywhere conveniently with real time access to news, quotes and trading. It is a safe, secure and reliable online trading platform and one of the Industry’s best. It gives you maximum trading convenience and real time access to market data.

     Fully secured and reliable trading gateway with multi level security check
     Get real time market quotes and online reports
     Multi segment and multi market front end for trading
     Real time, pre-trade and rule based risk management
Online IPO Bidding
An Initial Public Offer (IPO) is the first sale of equity shares of any company in the open market. The IPO is either a Fixed Price Issue or Price discovery is done through a book building process. During the IPO, a fraction of the shares are reserved for different types of investors, including Retail (individual investors), Qualified Institutional Buyers and High Net worth Individuals.
Using your Demat and online trading account, you could apply for IPOs through SPFL. Our online platform has an IPO page where you can choose the issue you want to apply to. Then, enter the number of shares. If you choose to bid, enter the bid price along with the quantity. Once the application is submitted, you receive details such as IPO application number and transaction details. Do make sure that you have enough funds in the linked account for the application.
Online Mutual Fund Services
A Mutual Fund is a body corporate that pools the savings of a number of investors and invests the same in a variety of different financial instruments, or securities. The investment objectives of a Mutual fund specify the class of securities a Mutual Fund can invest in. Mutual Funds invest in various asset classes like equity, bonds, debentures, commercial paper and government securities.

You can invest and transact in Mutual funds Online as well as through our Branches.
     Lower minimum investment
     Professional Fund Management
     Wide array of funds depending on investor goals and preferences
     Diversification of Investment
     Transparent and well regulated

     Analysis of Client profile and Investment Objectives
     Thorough study and selection of leading mutual funds and bonds
     Tax Planning for the client
     Dedicated Advisors for fund selection, investment, tracking and personalized services
Depository Services (CDSL & NSDL)
We are a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (INDIA) Limited (CDSL). We offer all the facilities like Dematerialization, Rematerialization, Transfer of Demat Shares, Pledging / hypothecation of demat shares etc. to our clients.

     Immediate settlement of trades
     Easy storage of securities in electronic form
     Prevents the risk of bad delivery, theft, forgery or delays etc. as against in physical securities
     Transaction charges via depository services are lower as compared to the physical securities
     Benefits arising as bonus, split, consolidation or merger are credited automatically into the demat account
     Change of address, bank details etc. affected with DP is automatically updated with the corporates, whose shares an investor owns.
     Highest level of transparency in managing securities in electronic form through depositories.
Internet Based Trading in All Segments
SPFL is a one stop solution to cater all your financial needs. SPFL has a network of branches with online terminals that offer trading facility in all segments.
SPFL’s internet based trading provides the insights to invest in the stock market.

Our internet based trading platform allows all investors to trade themselves on exchanges through internet. We give consultation and advises on how to effectively invest in markets and how to trade effectively.

What makes Online trading better than Offline trading?

    With Online Trading individuals can do trading as per his/her wish, without the assistance of Broker.
     It provides seamless internet trading experience, you can trade through your Mobile phones or computer connected to the internet.
    Online trading acts like a single platform for all your trading. You can find all their relevant account and trading details online that helps you make a more informed             decision for profitable trading.
     Online trading is profitable as online brokerage charges are much less compared to offline brokerage.
     Access to Online research Reports with better recommendations that help you take better investment decisions.
     Instant access to expert tips and latest market updates