SPFL Group was started with the establishment of SPFL Securities Limited in the year 1995. SPFL Group comprises of:

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The share broking segment of SPFL Group under the banners of SPFL Securities Limited has expended its business manifold in a very short span of time. The turnover of SPFL Group has also shown a tremendous growth.

spfl network

SPFL group started its share broking business in February 1996 from Kanpur and soon expanded its business with the collaboration of franchises to the cities of Allahabad, Agra, Lucknow, Dehradun, Varanasi, Vapi, Bareilly, Farrukhabad, Faizabad, Basti, Gorakhpur, Mirzapur, Sitapur, Haldwani, Robertsganj, Noida, Gurgaon & other major cities of U.P. as well as in metropolitan towns of New Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata.

SPFL group has been providing online computerized trading facility by establishing direct branches in various parts of U.P. specially and other region of the country through its own VSAT network i.e. Virtual Private Network (VPN) facility connecting all the branches directly with NSE, BSE & NSE Currency. SPFL Group has entered into providing Internet Trading facility thus aiming to reach millions of people directly at their homes and workplaces.

The Depository Division of SPFL Group is catering to more than 25,000 investors from all the locations of its business.

SPFL Group is providing share broking facilities to investors of central and eastern U.P. along with high class investment advice from more than 65 locations with ultra modern, transparent computerized trading facility under most modern and latest ambience to retail investors numbering more than 30,000.

The basic philosophy and principle of the SPFL Group has been to add franchises / business partners at different regions and locations to serve the smallest investors in every nook & corner of the country.


Why spfl?

We enjoy a status of a brokerage house which specializes in both capital and commodity market research. Our valuable inputs enable the clients to achieve
better returns on their investment. They can hedge and arbitrage their positions depending on the behavior of the markets. We have
advanced research software to take care of the analysis of information required for our research outputs.


Integrity Honesty and Transparency

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Prompt Customer Service

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Security and Confidentiality

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Experienced and Dedicated Hands

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Fast and Easy-to-use Trading System

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Fast and accurate Order Execution

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Lower Brokerage, Solid Overall Value

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Aggressive, yet practice Fair Play

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Creditworthiness and Absolute Compliance

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Quick Anticipation and Responsiveness

Our Strengths

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Promoted by Professionals:

When entrepreneurial sprit combines with the skill sets and knowledge of the erudite professionals, a big idea called SPFL naturally takes into shape. Men at the helm of affairs are qualified Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries who combine their academic as well as practical knowledge in a right proportion to propel the growth engine of SPFL.

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Integrity, Honesty and Disciplined Style of Working:

The pilots who orchestrate the state of affairs at SPFL are closely intertwined and believe in Integrity and committed to honesty. When we say integrity we mean, a closely-knit network of like minded professionals who have integrated their goals with that of the organization. Not to forget that they play according to the rules of the game.

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We enjoy the status of Broker of Brokers:

We have the distinguished privilege of having the confidence of the broker community having membership of NSE, BSE and many regional stock exchanges. They take pride in being our trading members. Our credibility bears testimony to the fact that the front-runners of the system have imposed confidence in us.

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Unlike others, we refrain from speculation:

We believe that sticking to core our core values will see us through our goals. We at SPFL consider it a part of our core values to not to speculate on our own account. Refraining from speculation is the key to our sustainability.

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Compliance with the regulations is the part of the disciplined style of working:

We firmly believe that to serve you better and sustain in the long run, we must ensure compliance with the various laws governing the conduct of the members of the stock-exchanges. We strive hard to keep our slate clean, i.e., maintaining nil investor grievances against us in the SEBI.

Mission & vision

To be a brokerage house of
international repute by providing
cutting edge online trading tools,
and endeavoring for excellence of
quality of services which match the
best in the industry. excell

To manage growth with a firm
commitment to the cause of
customer delight. excell

To be a brokerage house of
international repute by providing
cutting edge online trading tools,
and endeavoring for excellence of
quality of services which match the
best in the industry. excell

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To manage growth with a firm
commitment to the cause of
customer delight. excell

Culture & Philosophy

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At SPFL our culture is very much in evidence helping us attract and retain the best employee and clients. Spfl commitment to its clients, teamwork integrity, professional excellence embodied today in our core values of client focus, integrity meritocracy, excellence, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork CAs, MBAs, CS, MCAs, B.tech, Law Graduates, Engineers.

Experienced and professionally qualified staff heads all the departments of the company. We believe in continuous learning and training process and thereby suitably and tastefully blending there individual goals with that of the organization thereby creating team effort in there working. At the core of our business remains our commitment to our clients.

The SPFL culture is what sets our company apart from other companies and help to make us a magnet for our clients.

Our philosophy

Everyone at SPFL shares one very simple, powerful commitment: Delivering the best possible online trading experience. There are several core principles, which guide us, everyday as we work toward this common goal. These values haven’t changed since our inception and they never will – and that’s what makes spfl a great success.

Customer is The GOD

We spend an enormous amount of time and energy identifying your needs and preferences and doing everything we can to satisfy them. We are active listener and we always respond quickly and with your best interests in mind. We strive to exceed your expectations and we understand keenly that customers are the reason for our existence.

Innovation is a Ongoing Commitment

We are constantly thinking creatively in search for innovations and working hard to introduce new services and systems that would give you greater convenience and control. We creatively apply technology to everything we do –from developing the trading tools we put in your hands to wringing efficiencies of our internal operations. We are always ready to take advantage of changes and new opportunities.

Integrity and Professionalism Matter

All of the people at SPFL take our collective honour, integrity, and professionalism extremely seriously. In our dealings with you, our customers we keep our word. We deliver when we say we will and are committed to treating you with the out most respect, courtesy and professionalism. We safeguard your private information and we take responsibility for our actions. While we try to be perfect, we occasionally do make mistakes, and when we do, we take immediate steps to correct problems and set things right.

Speed is The Name Of The Game

When it comes to online trading, speed is everything that’s why we concentrate on executing your orders and reporting fills as quickly as possible. It is why we push so hard to bring new, cutting edge trading tools online quickly. And it’s why insisting on bringing you the quickest customer service in our industry. We are constantly looking to increase speed, efficiency and effectiveness.